Responsive Website Design Package

Our responsive website design package is a complete online solution. It gives you a professional website look, custom-designed and coded, to meet your company’s needs.

The website is guaranteed to fit into all screen sizes either on a PC platform or any Mobile platform. The website will also be optimized so that it can obtain higher Search Engine rankings.

Creative Design & Functionality

Every buisness has its own special requirements. It is our job to reflect those in the website design and information structure of the website. Our qualified website designers will provide you with an initial design and then we will work with you to finalize the concept. Our experts will ensure that your website features user-friendly navigation, and perfectly placed call to action links that will entice users to interact with the website, while navigating through it.

Website Features

Your website will include up to 20 static pages. Full professional English or Thai copy editing is included. Ten (10) hours of Java Script Programming will also be included for either banners or call to action buttons. Our development team will ensure that all code is

W3C compliant

with HTML 5 and CSS3 and therefore Search Engine Friendly so that your website can be easily read and indexed by all the major Search Engines and finally will be dynamically responsive so as to fit perfectly on all screen sizes, devices and PCs.

More Features

The website will be equipped with a Secure Contact Form, designed for users to make inquiries. The form uses captcha technology thus reducing the amount of bogus inquiries and spam.

Another feature we will include is a specially designed Google Maps API, that will display your exact location to your clients on Google maps.

Search Optimized

Once the designer and the programmer have completed their work on the project our SEO team will take over to insure that the SEO Fundamentals are in place. This includes:
  • Optimizing all Tags
  • Inserting Open Graph Content
  • Creating The Ideal Content Structure
  • Creating Website Navigation
  • Creating Internal Link Structure
  • Inserting Structured Data Code
  • Install Code for Webmaster Tools
  • Install Code for Google Analytics
  • First Launch Submissions

Distinguished Service

Our package also includes 3 months worth of our distinguished Update Service. This means any time you want to make a change to content or images of the website or perhaps add additional content to your website, all you have to do is send us an email with the text and or images and we'll format it and put it online for you ASAP. No need for a CMS! No Need to fuss with a webmaster, in fact we are your webmasters for the next 3 months.

Premiere Hosting

We will also install the westsite on our super reliable and ultra fast servers. This website hosting package, free for the first 12 months, will contain enough data space for the entire website. Sorry no email hosting is avaialble on this server but we can hook you up to Google Mail, which offers awesome email solutions for your entire company at very low prices.

Logo Design - Not Included

Position Front Page has a policy of not including Logo Design. The logo of a company is extremely important. If you would like Position Front Page to design your company logo then please request a separate quotation.


  • Professional responsive website design
  • Search engine friendly Fundemental SEO
  • 100% mobile friendly for all devices
  • Free update service for 3 months.
  • Free web hosting for 12 months.
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