Video Press Release

Position Front Page is pleased to introduce its Video Press Release or Infomercial Service, a revolutionary new channel by which visitors can reach your website.

This one stop service includes everything the client needs to maximize exposure to an event, product or service it offers.

Our video press releases are professionally created and managed by our internet marketing team so that they deliver results. Our goals are simple, to provide our clients with the most exposure possible.

Infomercials For The Masses

A video press release or infomercial adds a whole new dimension to your online marketing strategy. These video press releases or infomercials are designed to be seen by millions of users who seek for this form of communication. It enables clients to add this new dimension to their social media networks and website easily. Position Front Page can show you how and suggest a strategy to implement and even create the page(s) for you.

Enhances Internet Marketing

A video press release or infomercial, that is done correctly, can dramatically help Internet Marketing efforts in a number of ways. A well ranked video press release or infomercial can supply lots of back links to your website as well as supply multiple Search Engine listings that refer to your website. These two things add authority to your website. Authority then helps increase a website's PageRank.

Finally, all of these newly created links draws the attention of the search engines' robots and forces them to index your site deeper. Deep indexing helps discover more and more pages on your website. The more pages discovered the stronger the website's online presence.

What Is Included

Creating a video press release or infomercial is hard work but not for you. All we need from you is your idea(s) and if you don't have any we will be pleased to offer up our ideas.

Next you'll need 4 hours in our photo studio, you can have anyone you want present but please remember a crowd is hard to control.

Video is shot on a green screen this way we can superimpose any background we want. All video clips are shot is short spurts 10 - 30 seconds so memorizing scripts is no problem.

The next steps are all done by our video rendering department. Our experts will take all footage shot and create 2 to 3 minute clips. A maximum of 4 clips are included in this proposal.

Finally we will create, if you don't already have one, or modify an existing, YouTube channel, for your newly created videos. Then we will upload all created videos. Then optimize all titles and descriptions. We will even provide you with the code to easily add them to you're the videos to your social media channels.

What You Get

  • Professionally created and expertly managed campaign
  • Professionally written script(s) with clear message
  • Professionally crafted storyboard with your company logo and images
  • Professionally filmed and mastered video our reporter or model
  • Optimized YouTube channel with uploaded videos

The Process

  • Determine and create the campaign
  • Write the text / press release
  • Write the script
  • Create the storyboard
  • Shoot the video in our studio
  • Digitally master the video and customize it with logo and images
  • Optimize title and descriptions


  • 4 X 2-3minute video clips
  • Optimized YouTube Channel complete with logo and header
  • HD Quality Video uploaded
  • Master copies of all clips
  • Master copies of final clips
*The client's approval will be required during all phases of the process*

Cost and Information


Pre and Post Video Production, Studio (4 hours), Scripts, Videographer, Video Editing and Final Assembly for 4 video clips, YouTube Channel Optimization and Uploading of all video clips.

Not Included

Actors, Models or Announcers (These can be negotiated seperately - PFP has a good selection of No Name attractive actors and models available, starting at 3000 THB per 4 hour session)

Special Notes

*Video Press Release distribution through online channels is available for an additional fee.*

Position Front Page is pleased to offer this one stop video package which includes everything mentioned above. If you would like more information on our video package please click here.


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