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After a great deal of both money and time invested in Social Media, Position Front Page has learned a few things.

We have hence created a very impressive Social Media Optimization Package which is ideally suited for almost any business type and it also includes a Social Media Marketing (SMM) budget.

Our SMO team with the co-operation of the client, will come up with the concept and architecture for all the client's SMO needs. We will even manage it for them, thus allowing the client's marketing team the freedom to concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, InstaGram

The primary focus for our SMO package is to optimize new content for all of the above mentioned Social Media Networks. Our goal is to create awareness and interaction by simply posting interesting and compelling content without really trying to sell. If the client has accounts with any of the above mentioned social media platforms, great, if not we will create them for the client. The client will have a PFP - Social Media Manager assigned to their account.

PFP and the client will collectively meet at the start of the contract to map out the direction of the Social Media Optimization campaign. The Social Media Manager will also meet the client every month to review the collected information, stats and performance of the social media campaign, as well as discuss or change the direction of the campaign depending on the results obtained.

Services Provided

1 - This SMO package includes designing header and or footer images for the social media networks mentioned above, where and if available to do so.

2 - The package covers changing the header and or footer images once every month for the duration of the contract.

3 - The Social Media Manager and their team will create all content required for the mentioned Social Media networks. This includes text, graphics and images.

4 - The Social Media Manager will post content for all of the Social Media Networks mentioned using the frequency schedule below.

Posting Schedule

5 - Facebook and Twitter, Monday - Thursday 2 posts daily. Friday - Sunday 4 posts daily.

6 - Google+ and InstaGram, A minimum of 2 posts will be made every working day. (no posts on weekends and holidays)

Content Creation

7 - The Social Media Manager may decide to post with links, images, text, video or a combination of all. Any material used or created will be property of the client once posted. We will not use copy protected material and claim it to be our own. We will ensure all material is original and is copyright free.

8 - The Social Media Manger may also act on behalf of the client, by responding to messages, sharing, commenting and liking other pages on the mentioned Social Media networks.

Facebook Shop

9 - This Social Media Optimization package will include, if required, setting up a Facebook Shop for the client's Facebook page. The client will supply us with the products they wish to offer through their Facebook Shop by giving us content and images and the Social Media Manager will do the rest.

Facebook Paid Ads (SMM)

10 - This Social Media Optimization package also includes a fixed Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM) budget for Paid Ads that will be used for a variety of campaigns to promote "Your Page", get "Website Clicks", collect "Leads" or to "Boost Posts".

11 - Designing and creating the campaigns is included in this Social Media Package as is any content, artwork or photos required.

12 - The Social Media Manager may also decide to take out Paid Ads in other social media networks to expand the client's presence there.


13 - This Social Media Package will also provide the client with a monthly report of everything that has been done as well as provide the client with stats as to what if any effect it had on followers, likes and visitor traffic to their website. These reports are prepared at the end of the month and emailed or presented to the client.


14 - This Social Media Optimization package should effectively support and strengthen the client's digital marketing efforts.

15 - This Social Media Package will definitely raise the client's social media network presence and exposure.

16 - This Social Media Optimization package and Social Media Marketing budget can produce between 8,000 to 10,000 new optimized Page Likes in 6 months

Summary & Information

This Social Media Package is a powerful tool geared to not only grow the client's social media presence but can also have a very positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Contact Length: 6 months

If you would like more information on or to order this Social Media Package please contact us.


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