Social Media Monitoring

The Services and Tools your business needs to turn insights into action before anyone else does

Position Front Page now has a comprehensive set of solutions that can give your business the edge in social analytics and management needs.

With our social media monitoring tools and services we can apply all the data and knowledge from the social web to all the areas of your business.

Social Media Monitoring

Imagine for one moment that you knew what was trending before your competitor did. What is the value of that information and knowledge? Or what if you knew that there were people in your restaurant that were unhappy with the service they were getting, in real time. Could you act fast enough to avoid lots of bad reviews? With our social media monitoring tools and services we can do that and a lot more.

Research & Social Selling

Social media monitoring tools and services can help your business find customers, influencers, trends, and topics. We then can help uncover, analyze, engage, and track your social selling activities, and turn social media into an effective and reliable source for new sales opportunities.

Listen & Track

Social media monitoring tools and services can track the people and conversations that matter most. In the recent past, getting to Facebook data was hard, if not impossible. Today with social media monitoring tools and services you discover everything about how and by whom your brand is being discussed by accessing Facebook Topic Data.

Curate & Create

Social media monitoring tools and services allow you to tune in to and share the most engaging content across the web. Find out what people are saying or sharing or commenting about. This will allow you to create trending content for your social media channels.

Engage & Respond

With social media monitoring tools and services a platform exsists where we can publish compelling and trending content to your community, plus respond to your community in real time. Social media gives customers a platform to express both dissatisfaction and satisfaction. With these services we can give your business the opportunity to very quickly address customer feedback, complaints, and requests as soon as they are posted. In fact, we can take your customer service to the next level.
We can;
  • Conduct online customer service to boost brand loyalty
  • Select keywords and trigger tags to find customer complaints immediately
  • Get alerts to notify you the moment a customer posts anything about your brand
  • Better manage and educate your customer service team with data
  • Explore customer service trends so you can develop an effective strategy

Analyze & Report

Social media monitoring tools and services can help us understand, evaluate, and measure the impact of all social media campaigns. Strategizing without knowing where your customers and competitors stand leaves you in a vulnerable position. You can gain powerful insights into the minds of your current and potential customers as well as your competition.
We can:
  • Take action while your customers are most engaged
  • Develop a strong keyword list with words and phrases your target audience uses
  • See which companies are your strongest competitors
  • Analyze your competitors' weaknesses and adjust your strategy accordingly

Ads & Campaigns

And if all that isn't enough with social media monitoring tools and services we can retrieve top quality marketing data. This is big data that sets us and you apart from the rest. Then using this data, Position Front Page can create ads and campaigns that sell. After all it ultimately is about ROI.

Summary & Information

Our social media monitoring tools and services are cutting edge and will provide any company the power it needs to stay ahead of their competitors, not only in social media channels but in business as well, by providing insights, data, forecastes, trends, and analysis. Position Front Page can sell and service the tools the client needs or we can provide all the services the client needs. The choice is yours.

If you would like more information or a demonstration on our social media monitoring tools and services please do not hesitate to contact us.


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