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SEO Fundamentals

Do you have a new or exisiting website online that cannot be found?

Are you interested in generating some traffic for it, but have a limited budget? Position Front Page has come up with an affordable SEO services package that can help kick start any website. It was designed with you in mind and requires very little input from you or your webmaster. Our SEO Package - First Steps will ensure that your website gets found and stays found by the major search engines.

Scope Of Work

For the duration of the contract Position Front Page will perform the Fundamental SEO Services described below as well as share with the client some vital information which they or their webmaster can execute to further enhance their website's page rankings.

Our methods are perfectly compliant to the highest industry standards, no black-hat techniques or quick fixes are deployed or used. Results can usually be seen after 6 - 9 months.

  • Website Evaluation
  • Keywords/Key Phrases
  • Website Content *
  • On Page Optimization *
  • Important Files
  • Links
  • Reports

Description of Services

Position Front Page will provide the Client with monthly SEO services as detailed below for their website in English or Thai language. We can also provide services in both languages, or in other languages. (Additional premiums required) Contact us for more information

Website Evaluation

Position Front Page will put the client's website through a series of "Tests", 7 to be exact. Our robot will visit the client's website and report back what it has uncovered. Below is a list of tests we will run;

  1. Mobile compatibility test
  2. Website security, Malware test
  3. Broken links test
  4. Keyword rankings report
  5. SEO test
  6. Sitemap test
  7. Webmaster compliance test
This proposal covers repair and execution of services for items numbered
3,4,5,6 and 7.

Item 1. We can supply the client with a quotation to make the website responsive, and that will allow the website to pass the Mobile compatibility test

Item 2. In the event that the website has failed the security test you can also contract us to secure your website. This is not mandatory but it is recommended.

Item 2a. If Malware is detected you should contract us to remove the files causing this result and allow us to repair the website's domain name reputation. This is mandatory!

Keyword / Key Phrase Research

This is perhaps the single most important part of this SEO package. We will research for the right keywords, analyze their search frequency, and select the very best words and phrases. Our goal here is to find the right combination of search frequency and niche words. Using our KEI (keyword efficiency index) we will select the proper Keywords and phrases for the website's pages.


Position Front Page has a policy to never over optimize web pages. Thus we select 3 to 4 keywords for each page and optimize each page for the selected keywords. So if your website has 15 pages it can be optimized for about 60 keywords.

Website Content *

Position Front Page will review all the content on the website. We will insure that it reads properly and is optimized correctly. Where needed, Position Front Page will suggest optimized content for required pages.

This also provides us with the perfect opportunity to highlight and identify "Key Pages", we can then use to improve and market, for our top Keywords thus helping increase traffic.


Position Front Page will deliver web pages containing the right content for the subject of each page properly optimized for both search engines and humans.

*Optimization is limited to a maximum of 40 pages*

On Page Optimization *

On Page optimization includes optimizing Title, Description, Meta, Link, and Alt tags on all the web pages on the website using the Keywords and Phrases selected.

On Page optimization also includes providing content for the Open Graph protocol and open graph meta tags.

Special attention is given to all these tags because of their value to users who query search engines.


Position Front Page will deliver unique and fully optimized tags for all web pages.

*Optimization is limited to a maximum of 40 pages*

Important Files

It is very important to ensure that the optimized website also has certain important files in its root directory. Position Front Page will install these files into the client's root directory or will edit them if they already exist.


Position Front Page will deliver a complete set of root files and folders to help entice search engines into crawling the client's website more efficiently and effectively.


Position Front Page believes that links are still an important SEO factor. They may no longer carry the same weight, but they still require significant attention.

(i)  Link Audit
Position Front Page will search for, monitor and report all published in-bound links in order to determine their value.

(ii)  Internal Links
Position Front Page will conduct a thorough review of the website's internal linking structure.

(iii)  Natural Links
Position Front Page will create various pieces of content, related to the client's website and submit that content to blogs and social networks with similar content.

(i) Once the Link Audit is complete we will start a Link Detox program to remove all bad links, as well as prepare and submit a disavow list for Google.

(ii) For the internal link structure we will make sure that all links are properly optimized and the structure is correct.

(iii) Our aim to create natural or organic looking back links using the optimized content we create. The quantity of links created is not the issue but the quality is. It is here where this package excels.


This SEO proposal provides the client with a set of reports. Every month for the duration of the contract we will review collected information through Google Analytics and other sources, then summarize and report our findings. Our job will be to suggest improvements, verify all the data, plus submit a summary that will give the client a clear picture of the website's progress.


Reports are delivered to the client on or before the 5th of the month via email or personal visit:
  • Summary report
  • SEO Services report
  • Visitors Overview report
  • Traffic Overview report
  • Top 50 Pages Viewed report
  • Top 50 Countries report
  • Top 50 Keywords report
  • Top 50 Traffic Sources report
  • Top 10 Search Engine report
  • Goals Overview report

Frequently asked Questions

Q. How many Keywords do you optimize our website for?
A. There is really no limit because we optimize web pages for keywords in the content. Overall we are looking to optimize for 3 to 4 keywords per web page that will help drive traffic to your website. If your website does not have the content to support these keywords we may be required to ask you to provide us with that content.

Q. How many back-links will you create during the contract?
A. This varies from website to website and is determined after our website audit. Normally we created around 100 quality back-links in a one year contract.

Q. How long does it take before we see results?
A. After the website audit we can usually determine when we will start to see results. For the first 6-9 months we would expect very little in terms of increase to traffic but after that we should begin to see steady monthly increases.

Q. Are results guaranteed?
A. It would be impossible to guarantee results but we do guarantee that we will optimize your website to meet all the Search Engines good practices guidelines. This will ensure your website will not be banned by Search Engines.

Additional Details

  • Contract Duration: 12 Months
  • Cancelation Clause: After 6 months with one month notice. (deposit non refundable)
  • Support Service: Inquiries by email or telephone and personal visits / meetings.
  • Client Intervention: Very little is required.
  • Language(s): SEO Services are performed in English or Thai. If your website requires SEO in other languages please contact us for more information


Position Front Page must have access to the website's coding structure. Position Front Page should also be permitted access to the server or hosting package Administration section.

CMS - Content Management Systems must contain an SEO plug-in. We can help with the installation of any required SEO plug-in for almost any platform.

Each request for this SEO package will be reviewed by the company's Managing Director. Position Front Page reserves the right not to provide services for this package to websites it deems inappropriate.

Summary & Information

This SEO package fills almost all of Google's fundamental SEO requirements. There are a few fundamental SEO requirements that cannot be optimized by this package alone. Those fundamentals are listed above.

For more information or to order this SEO Services package please contact us.

We also have in place a SEO Package Advanced for website owners who are really serious about SEO. Please visit our SEO Package Advanced page.


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