SEO Package Advanced

The SEO Package Advanced is a very powerful tool. It contains all the fundamentals found in our SEO Package First Steps scope of work,

and then proceeds to add more essential services, like Content Creation, No limit to the number of pages to SEO, Expanded Links services, and Structured Data.

Scope Of Work

  • Website Evaluation
  • Keywords/Key Phrases
  • Website Content
  • Content Creation
  • On Page Optimization **
  • Important Files
  • Links
  • Structured Data
  • Reports
** There is no limit to the number of pages we will optimize **

Description of Services:

Position Front Page will provide the Client monthly SEO services as detailed below for their website in English or Thai language. We can also provide services in both languages, or in other languages.
(Contact us for more information)

Website Evaluation

Position Front Page will put the client's website through a series of "Tests", 7 to be exact. Our robot will visit the client's website and report back what it has uncovered. Below is a list of tests we will run;
  1. Mobile compatibility test
  2. Website security, Malware test
  3. Broken links test
  4. Keyword rankings report
  5. SEO test
  6. Sitemap test
  7. Webmaster compliance test


This proposal covers repair and execution of services for items numbered 3,4,5,6 and 7.

Item 1. We can supply the client with a quotation to make the website responsive, and that will allow the website to pass the Mobile compatibility test

Item 2. In the event that the website has failed the security test you can also contract us to secure your website. This is not mandatory but it is recommended.

Item 2a. If Malware is detected you should contract us to remove the files causing this result and allow us to repair the website's domain name reputation. This is mandatory!

Keyword / Key Phrase Research

Perhaps the single most important part of this SEO package. Keyword research is extremely complex. Not only do we need to find keywords that will deliver visitors to the client's website but we must also find quality keywords that will deliver visitors that will buy what the client is selling.

A commonly asked question by those new to SEO is "How many keywords will you optimize my website for?"

Position Front Page beleives that each web page on a client's website should be optimized for about 1 to 4 Keywords or Keyword phrases. Over optimizing a web page is the same as spamming and that is frowned upon by search engines.


Position Front Page will research for the right keywords, analyze their search frequency, and select the very best keywords and keyword phrases. Our goal here is to find the right combination of search frequency and niche words. Using our KEI (keyword efficiency index) we will select the proper Keywords and phrases for the website's pages.

Website Content

Position Front Page will review all the content on the website. We will insure that it reads properly and is optimized correctly. Doing so will also provides us with the perfect opportunity to highlight and identify "Key Pages", that we can use to improve and market, for our top Keywords thus helping increase traffic.


Position Front Page will review all the website's web pages and suggest corrections to page structure as well as content changes if required. Position Front Page may also suggest optimized content for certain web pages. A full list will be supplied to the client.

Content Creation

Perhaps the biggest challenge plaguing websites as far as SEO is concerned is quality website content. We also believe that Google loves to index websites that supply new content regularly. For that reason we offer high quality content creation for website use.


Below you will find details of all the copy writing services included in this package.

Premium Copy Writing:

Position Front Page will create 25 new pages of premium copy over the course of the contract. All pages created will be focused on goods, services or products the client's website has to offer. All will be linked correctly and SEO optimized.

Press Release / Distribution:

We will also create 3 sensational press releases over the course of the contact and make sure they get the widest distribution possible. News worthy press releases get excellent exposure over a wide range of networks including, yahoo news, google news, CNBC online and many more. This is an excellent way of drawing attention to your Brand and website, plus providing for some incredible back-links.

Info-graphic Production:

Info graphics are all the rage. People love them. We all know the expression "a picture speaks 1000 words", well info graphics really help sell products or services. During the duration of the contact we will create 6 perfect info graphics outlining your company's products or services. They make perfect content for social media or blog posts and can be used for any type of campaign.

On Page Optimization

On Page optimization includes optimizing Title, Description, Meta, Link, and Alt tags on all the web pages on the website using the Keywords and Phrases we selected. Position Front Page will assign and SEO consultant to the client's account who will be responsible for this extremely important task. There is no limit to the number of pages Position Front page will optimize.


Position Front Page will optimize all tags mentioned above. Special attention will be given to title tags and description tags because they are the tags seen when users query search engines. We will also include creating and optimizing the correct Open Graph meta tag content. We may also provide you with a list of Open Graph images that we will require. We can for an extra nominal cost create the images for you.

Important Files

It is very important to ensure that the optimized website also has certain important files in its root directory.


Position Front Page will create and optimize, then install, all important root files into the client's root directory or will edit files if they already exist.


Link Audit:

Position Front Page will search for, and report all published links in order to determine their value. Then we will start a Link Detox program to remove all bad links, as well as submit a disavow list to Google so that they remain informed on our efforts to clean up links. And finally report all activity to the client.

Internal Links:

Position Front Page will conduct a thorough review of the websites internal linking structure and report its findings and recommendations for improvement. We will also ensure that all anchor text and title tags are properly optimized.

Link Building - Inbound:

The creation of one way inbound links was always a key Google marker for PageRank©. Although not announced many believe that its value is not as important as it used to be. The amount of links is not a primary focus but instead opting for quality back links and gradually building the links, seems to still contain a significant value.

Google has fixated itself on what they term as "Natural Link Building". This means that your website cannot suddenly get 1000's of new backlinks in one day, week or month. That would certainly raise red flags. Thus link building should take on a more natural approach.

Position Front Page rarely exchanges links with other websites as this has been proven to be fruitless. Instead we have devised a system to grow high quality links organically over the course of the contract. Link building requires both serious time and attention.

Linkless Mentions:

As search evolves so does SEO. It now appears that Google® is beginning to understand text a lot more and the mere mention of a brand name in your text, can in fact be as good as a link. This "Ranking Factor" could be easily abused but Google® is certain that it can tell the difference between a legitimate mention and a spammy or bought mention. For Position Front Page this means that we can now write powerful content and submit it to the right websites that believe the content has importance and they can publish this content on their website or blog, without a link back to our client's site and without giving away "link juice".


For the duration of the contract, Position Front Page will write and submit quality content to 3rd party websites and or social media channels in order to create quality inbound links. This content may include links or maybe of the linkless mention variety. The quantity of links we build is not easy to define but each link built will be of very high quality. A careful analysis of where to post content created will be undertaken and the report submitted to the client. Position Front Page will build a database of links formed and will monitor them closely. Quality inbound links raise Page Ranking significantly

Structured Data

Very few websites realize the importance of having structured data markup on their webpages. This system is a way to tell the machines what your pages are all about. Google does not only have one robot that indexes content but in fact they have several including a news robot that searches the web for news. Social networks also rely on structured date to display content of links correctly. You can let the robot chose what to display or you can make the robot display the content you want optimized in the right way.


Position Front Page will create the method to code and supply Structured Data Markup for every webpage on the client's website.


This SEO proposal provides the client with a set of reports. Every month for the duration of the contract we will review collected information through Google Analytics and other sources, then summarize and report our findings. Our job will be to suggest improvements, verify all the data, plus submit a summary that will give the client a clear picture of the website's progress.


All reports will be delivered to the client on or before the 5th of the month. Here is a list of reports we will send to the client:
  • Summary report
  • SEO Services report
  • Content Creation report
  • Link Creation report
  • Visitors Overview report
  • Traffic Overview report
  • Top 50 Pages Viewed report
  • Top 50 Countries report
  • Top 50 Keywords report
  • Top 50 Traffic Sources report
  • Top 10 Search Engine report
  • Goals Overview report

Additional Details

  • Contract Duration: 12 Months
  • Cancelation Clause: After 6 months with one month notice. (deposit non refundable)
  • Support Service: Inquiries by email or telephone and personal visits / meetings.
  • Client Intervention: Very little is required.
  • Language(s): Seo Services are performed in English. If your website requires SEO in other languages please contact us for more information


Access - Position Front Page must have access to the website's coding structure or at least be able to communicate with the people or person who does have access. Position Front Page should also be permitted access to the server or hosting package's admin section. At minimum be able to communicate with those that do have access.

CMS - Content Management Systems must contain an SEO Plugin. We can help with the installation of any required SEO plugin for almost any platform.

Service - Each request for this SEO package will be reviewed by the company's Managing Director. Position Front Page reserves the right not to provide services for this package to websites it deems inappropriate.

Summary & Information

This SEO package fills most of the top SEO requirements. It can really increase website exposure in Search Engine Results Pages.

For more information or to order this SEO Package Advanced please click here.

We also have in place an Basic SEO Package for website owners who are really just begining with SEO. Please visit our First Steps SEO Package page.


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