Why You Need Internet Marketing

Businesses build websites in hopes to participate in the riches that the internet has to offer. In order to do so they need internet marketing

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Article: Why You Need Internet Marketing
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Like everything else in life, hard work, dedication, and investment are required to be successful on the internet. Visitors will not flock to your website just because you put one online. It is the most common outcome for all who participate. To change that you need Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing Why Do You Need It

First let's answer the question, what is internet marketing? Internet marketing combines the creative and technical elements of your website. These are design, development, marketing and sales. This article will focus on only the marketing and sales elements, simply because we need to assume that you already have a website. If you don't then we strongly suggest you look through our article list to find relevant articles on website design and web development.

Search Engine Optimization Internet Marketing

So what is Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO? SEO is the process optimizing a website so that it meets the criteria of the search engines. Once you have accomplished that both the volume and quality of traffic to your website should improve. This traffic will come from search queries conducted by searchers. Results of queries are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher or better your website is positioned on the SERPs, the more visitors your website will receive. Better positioning requires better SEO skills. This process is known as organic or natural SEO.

Search Engine Marketing Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of buying advertizing space on search portholes or directories. It uses a competitive bid system. You essentially bid for keywords. The higher the bid the better the placement and frequency.

Now, buying ad space on these portholes can prove to be futile and extremely expensive if you don't know what you are doing. But if you do, it can result in a huge spike in both traffic to the website and sales.

There are three main forms of advertizing. They are text ad, banner ads, and links. You can buy them in one of two ways, Pay Per Click (PPC) or Fixed Rate, the most common being PPC.

A successful SEM campaign requires a budget, a lot of thought, time, and a comprehensive understanding of the way search engine marketing works. Anything less and its good money wasted.

Social Media Optimization Internet Marketing & Branding

The advent and subsequent popularity of social media websites like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkin, MySpace, Flicker, YouTube, amongst others has seen the spawn of a new form of marketing, duly called social media optimization. I like to refer to them as Branding Sites.

In today's internet it is imperative that website owners do not exclude this type of marketing. Optimization of your FaceBook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel may not bring hoards of buyers to your website but they will do one thing that I think is much better. It will help immensely with your Branding efforts. It is after all a numbers game really, the more you are seen the easier it will be to be remembered.

Social Media Optimization, commonly referred to as SMO, also include elements like email marketing, article writing, blogging, and press releases. Each and everyone of those elements has a place in a good SMO campaign and can create a huge interest in your brand. None of them should be neglected. You can find detailed information on social media optimization here.

Traffic Thanks To Internet Marketing

When you combine the efforts you make in Branding via SMO, Paid Advertizing via SEM campaigns and Organic Search via SEO techniques, traffic to your website will skyrocket. But does your website have what it takes to "seal the deal"? Can it sell? This is perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of any internet marketing campaign. Website owners complain about hoards of traffic but low sales volume.

Sales Thanks To Internet Marketing Specialists

Internet marketing specialists are trained to understand what it takes to sell. The understand terms like call to action, web page hot spots, landing pages, and click thru ratios. They know what a sell page looks like and how it should perform. They know how to entice visitors to make the next move. Most of all internet marketing specialists understand ROI (return on investment).


It is really amazing to see how many website owners waste so much time, money and effort on all of the above, and yet reap so little. But it is easy to understand. Website owners are not internet marketing specialists. Yes you can learn certain techniques like website design, SEO, SMO, and SEM but it takes years of trial and error to develop internet marketing skills, techniques and instincts. Websites fail because website owners almost always miss the point. It takes a dedicated team of internet marketing experts working together to reap the rewards the internet has to offer.

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