Why You Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing extends further than internet marketing as more and more users become more mobile thus marketing to these users becomes imperative

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Article: Why You Need Digital Marketing
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Like everything else in life, hard work, dedication, and investment are required to be successful on the internet. Visitors will not flock to your website just because you put one online. Today, websites need much more than just a web presence. They need a strong Digital Marketing strategy. This article is an update to an article I wrote back in 2009 titled Why You Need Internet Marketing.

Digital Marketing What Is It?

So the question is, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services not only on the internet but includes marketing on mobile networks, Apps, email and other digital forms. In this article I will summerize some of the most important services you should include in your Digital Marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization What Is It?

So what is Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO? SEO is the process optimizing a website so that it meets the fundemental criteria of the search engines. Once you have accomplished that both the volume and quality of traffic to your website should increase significantly.

This traffic, also know as organic traffic, will come from search queries conducted by users looking for something that your website may sell. Results of queries are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher or better your website is positioned on the SERPs, the more visitors your website will receive. Better positioning requires better SEO skills. This process is known as organic or natural SEO.

Search engine optimization is an on going process and requires a lot of dedication. Results often take significant time to bear fruit, but when they do, they prove to be very profitable.

SEO is a must for any digital marketing campaign. If you would like more information on search engine optimization please visit our page.

Search Engine Marketing What Is It?

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is the process of buying advertizing space on search portholes, websites, blogs, video channels or directories. It uses a competitive bidding system, with the highest or best bid getting the best spot on the advertizing platform.

There are three main forms of advertizing. They are text ads (keyword based), banner ads and video ads. You can buy them in one of two ways, Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), the most common form being CPC, which is commonly refered to as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Now, buying ad space on these platforms can prove to be futile and extremely expensive if you don't know what you are doing. But if you do, it can result in a huge spike in both traffic to the website and sales.

A successful SEM campaign requires a strong budget, a lot of testing, thought, time and a comprehensive understanding of the way search engine marketing works. Anything less and good money just gets wasted.

A good digital marketing manager will make SEM a very important part of their strategy at the start of any digital marketing campaign. Then will slowly make it less and less important and use it only to support other digital marketing campaigns. Check out our search engine marketing page for more information.

Social Media Optimization What Is It?

The advent and subsequent popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Linkin, YouTube, amongst others, has seen the spawn of user engagement. Thus the advent of social media optimization also know as SMO.

In this digital age it is imperative that website owners do not exclude this type of marketing channel. Optimization of your Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel and others, will not only bring visitors and buyers to your website but it will also enhance Branding efforts, strengthen users Loyality and create visitor Trust. And once you accomplish that it becomes easier to be remembered. After all with social media you also have the added advantage of a virtual word of mouth effect.

Social Media Optimization is all about creating engaging content, responding to inquiries in real time, and getting a real feel for your customers and potential customers. To do it effectively you'll need a dedicated team of graphic artists, content writers, video editors, campaign creators and a strategy.

Yes I know what you are thinking sounds like a lot of work and trust me it is. Visit our social media optimization page to get more information.

Social Media Marketing What Is It?

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, works very much like Search Engine Marketing with the exception that you can finely tune your campaigns. You can create campaigns and tailor them to a very specific demographic or, you can make them very broad.

Once again you will need a marketing budget and be prepared to pay per click or via the cost per impression method.

SMS and MMS What Are They?

Short Message Service (SMS) is a text based messaging service available on mobile phones. It uses standard protocols to allow users of mobile phones to exchange short text messages (up to 160 characters).

Digital Marketing Agencies have found a way to market products and services via SMS, known as SMS marketing. This is a Business to Consumer form of marketing and has proven to be very effective.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is another form of messaging service that allows users to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones over a cellular network or through WiFi and Internet protocols. There is no character limit for Text messages. You can usually send 1 picture or a slideshow of images, audio messages and Video messages.

Here again, Digital Marketing agencies have found a way to use MMS on a commercial basis. They can create outstanding visual content such as news and entertainment content, as well as send out beautiful ads and offers for retailers, right to the mobile device of the consumer. Talk about Direct Digital Marketing.

Email Marketing Did You Say Spam?

The misconception everyone has is that email marketing is spamming. So if we told you that the average conversion rate of proper email marketing campaign is between 6.4% to 8.6% what would you say? And yes, those figures are very attainable but you must first build the trust of your email marketing list.

Any purchase from any online shop should inspire the shop owner to follow up with email to give proper customer service. With customer satisfaction comes customer loyality and with loyality comes more sales but you have to offer them sales possibilities. What a better way than through a targeted email campaign to those who already purchased from you. That's how email marketing works effectively and profitably.

Digital Marketing firms should know about Customer Management Systems and be able to deliver exciting and interesting email marketing campaigns.


Digital Marketing has really opened the eyes and ears of many website owners. To do it right, which means to profit from it, website owners need to make a serious commitment of time, effort, and money. If you do digital marketing effectively it can really have a strong Return on Investment (ROI)!

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