The Importance Of Keywords In Today’s SEO

Keywords and keyword phrases continue to be an important SEO factor and if you understand their importance you will soon realize some serious success

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Article: The Importance Of Keywords In Today’s SEO
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The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is really very simple. When people search online for products or services you and your website sell, you want your website to appear somewhere near the top on the first page of the search engines results page. The search terms or questions used to conduct their query are referred to as keywords or keyword phrases.

Keyword / Keyword Phrase Research

You will need to understand that keywords can drive large volumes of traffic to a website, while keyword phrases can better generate sales.

But that is not all. Good keyword research can lead to more sales opportunities. How you ask? During the keyword discovery phase you may see keywords or phrases that are trending and that you do not have a product or service for that can attract that traffic. Presto an opportunity has appeared.

Good keyword research will take a lot of time and ultimately it will be worth the effort because you will need the right balance of keywords and keyword phrases.

Your keyword list should contain a set of primary keywords and secondary keywords. The latter can be used to form your keyword phrases or questions. You should also have a list of potential keywords to possibly promote new products or services.

Once you have made your keyword and question selection, proceed to create web pages.

Keyword Rich Content

Here is a really good example, the Keyword "protein powder" is used by millions of websites but answering the question (keyword phrase) "how to grow muscles" is used by a lot less websites. That question and keyword combo can prove to be easier to SEO and bring BUYERS to your website.

It is now extremely important that you take the time to create interesting and compelling content that will use your primary keyword and will answer the question (keyword phrase) associated with the keyword. This content should support both the keyword and the question.


Keywords and keyword phrases continue to be an important factor for SEO. Take the time and do the research. Remember the importance of keyword research in today's SEO and you will soon be realizing some serious success!

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