SEO Eight Golden Rules

Being removed from Google and falling traffic are probably the two worst SEO nightmares. Following these 8 simple rules should prevent the nightmares

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Article: SEO Eight Golden Rules
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As internet marketing professionals we have been subject to several failures. These failures have taught us some of the things to avoid when optimizing a website for the search engines. As they say trial and error are a far better way of learning and gaining experience.

EIGHT GOLDEN RULES Nobody Tells You About

1. Avoid hidden text or hidden links
Hidden text is textual content that can't be seen by the site's visitor, keywords or keyword phrases are added for the search engines, SERPs and rankings. The simplest form of hidden text is creating invisible text by making the font color similar to the background color but it is also very easy for the search engines to detect. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) are also used to create hidden text using it's built in features. Again something easy for search engines to detect. In a nutshell, don't do it.

Instead of using hidden text, SEO practitioners should focus on adding relevant keyword phrases throughout the text, but be careful to maintain the integrity of the copy it should be read as normal text.

2. Don't employ cloaking or sneaky redirects.
Cloaking is delivering pages designed for the search engines while providing visitors with different pages. It is a technique wherein the content presented to the search engine spider is highly optimized for a particular keyword but users are more often than not presented with different pages. The legitimate use of cloaking is for content that cannot be parsed. like those pages made from Macromedia Flash. Today, cloaking is abused because it is used to trick search engine users. For example, a user made a search for a "web design company" the clicked on the listing but the page that rendered to the user displayed a dating service. Avoid cloaking at all costs.

3. Don't send automatic queries to Google.
Using unauthorized programs to check rankings, submit pages, etc violates Google's terms of service, so if you really have to use such services, use them with common sense or don't use it at all.

4. Don't load pages with irrelevant words.
Web pages are read by your visitors, so don't write for the search engines. SEO practitioners should focus on making sites rich in information and content. Loading your pages with irrelevant keywords may attract traffic but it won't improve sales. But providing visitors with clean clear information can enhance your conversions.

5. Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.
In addition to that, don't make multiple domains that are only established to increase site traffic. Don't use pages on other domains to redirect traffic to your site, don't use mirror sites, those with exact content but different domains and be careful about too many pages in the SERPs that redirects to your site. These techniques gives instant results but expect to be banned when you get caught.

6. Don't create pages that install viruses, trojans, or other malware.
Search engines may ban your site but they will surely provide a message that your site is tainted on their results page. Anything that can cause harm to the Internet community should be avoided.

7. Avoid "doorway" pages created just for search engines.
As well as other "cookie cutter" approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content. Doorway pages are pages designed for driving traffic to another page and usually focusing on specific keywords. Generally, doorway pages are designed for search engines only and this should be avoided because the visitors do not benefit from this practice. For more information on doorway pages read our seo article Doorway Pages vs Landing Pages

If your site participates in an affiliate program, make sure that your site adds value.

8. Avoid link farms and link schemes
You should not participate on link schemes designed to merely increase your PageRank, don't exchange links with sites that are run by spammers, link farms, free for all directories, adult sites and gambling sites. Avoid establishing partnership with sites with no or little content and exclusively made to boost rankings.


In the end, you should aim to provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit and return. The best thing to do is to avoid dirty tricks intended to gain instant search engine rankings. Put in place a long term plan for success, using organic(white hat) search engine optimization. This will insure that users and at the same time search engines will consider your site to be friendly.

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