SEO And Visitor Trust

SEO and visitor trust an article where we share tips on how you can SEO your website and gain your visitors trust as soon as they arrive on your site

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Article: SEO And Visitor Trust
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Article Published / Updated: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 10:55:00

We have often seen and heard the same stories over and over, a website has plenty of traffic but very low conversion numbers. The question is always why? The answer is very simple Visitor Trust

Tips To Gain Visitor Trust

1. This first tip is rather very important and more often than not it is forgotten. When designing your website make sure that you have a contact us page, most websites do, but ensure that it has a clear map to your store or business location. Make sure you display your address, phone number(s) and publish your office or store hours. Don't offer 24 hour support if you don't have anyone on duty to answer the phones or emails. Make customers feel secure in knowing that if they ever do have a problem, you are just a contact away.

2. SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer Certificates) are an online protocol that open a direct and secure connection between your website and a visitor's machine. Data is transfered securely and cannot be read, stolen or tampered with by third parties. This gives the visitor a great deal of security knowing he can share with you his personal details. If you are collecting contact information from a visitor make sure you have a SSL Certificate. Visitors know they are on a secured site when the notice the HTTPS protocol in the address bar and by check for a site seal.

3. Choose the right domain name. Many people have asked us about choosing the right domain name. We strongly believe that a domain name has to be one that visitors can remember or that they think they have heard of before. Choose one that has commonly used words, or one that truly represents what your website does or is the name of your company. Domain names are also really important for SEO (search engine optimization) but we won't get into that in this article. For more information see the article Choosing The Right Domain Name.

4. Have a detailed "About Us" page. Tell your visitors about the history of your company or website as well as the team behind the scenes. Include brief biographies of the founders, as well as any relevant facts including how long your company or website has been in business or if you have more than one office or location.

If you are a new company or start up don't worry too much about lack of information. You still have past experience and vision. Give it to them and always tell them the truth. Six months down the line you can update your page.

5. Become an authority site. This is probably one of the most important and to be honest the most difficult things to do. You need to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Use your website to inform users about what you sell. Details are everything, write articles and share your experiances. Compare your products or services to others. Tell visitors why yours may be better. Link to other authorities like supplies of your products. All this content will help backup up your products or services and give your potential buyers peace of mind.

6. Never break a promise. This goes for everything you say or do on your website. If you tell your newsletter subscribers that they will receive your newsletter and only your newsletter, don't go sending them advertisements or "partner emails" the day after they signup. They will unsubscribe quicker than you can say "empty subscriber list".

7. Remember the 3 (three) rules about internet shoppers. Information, price, and how to order. Get to the point as fast as possible. Your clients all want the same thing.

(1) They know what they are looking for so give them the information that they seek.
(2) Make sure you display your price.
(3) And tell them how to get it.

Don't bury them in a maze of web pages that will make them search through hoards of information. Scrap the forms. There is nothing worse than getting to a site, getting info, and then having to fill out forms. Internet users hate it. So if you need to have a form online keep it simple. Name and e-mail contact are enough. Get to the point and do it quickly. Once they have decided to buy they will take the time to discover who you are.

8. Offer a refund and guarantee. Even at the best of times most people are cautious about buying anything online. Create and post a solid refund and guarantee policy on your website. Explain how you legitimately refund all requests (within reason, of course). Also detail your guarantee policy don't leave anything to chance.

Include contact details so customers can contact you if they actually do need service or a refund. You could even take it one step further and include testimonials from customers who you have refunded, explaining how happy they were with the process of obtaining their refund.

9. Customer testimonials. Never ever post a testimonial without any details of the person who sent you the testimonial. Try to include the person's website link, email address and/or photo (with their permission, of course). Also, don't post "typical" testimonials on your website. By typical we mean testimonials that won't make your visitors say "WOW". Only post truly remarkable testimonials that praise your products, customer support or both. In some cases even negative testimonials can be used to your advantage. This is achieved with success, if you learned a lesson. Post the negative testimonial the post what you did to correct the problem. This shows that you are growing and learning from your mistakes.


As far as SEO (search engine optimization) is concerned, these 9 points will certainly help increase the ranking of your website. All 9 points are also Key SEO Fundementals and need to be present on your website in order to have a good ranking factor.

Your potential customers will have also a feeling of security when doing business with a website they can trust.

So make sure you are ready to handle that newly found traffic. Organize yourself and have a way that any call or request coming in will be answered quickly.

Finally, live up to your claims. Your reputation depends on it.

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