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Today the internet is a multi-billion dollar a month industry and growing fast. Find out how you too can start making money on the web

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Article: Making Money On The Web
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Article Published / Updated: Mon, 18 May 2009 05:51:16

In the early stages of e-commerce websites served as a kind of advertisement. They were created by marketing gurus who believed that eveyone needed a display case online. They envisioned a large world wide library. Users would search for information, find what they were looking for and then run out and buy the goods they were searching for.

That idea changed very quickly. It changed when one marketing guru came up with an awesome idea. "Why should the user leave his house? They are on my website now. I've got them, what if they can buy what they were looking for here and now?" The plan worked and the internet has never looked back. We went from information to e-commerce very, very quickly. Many believed it would never happen. "Consumers need to touch it, feel it", they all said. Boy, were they wrong!

Making Money On The Web With Internet Marketing

The influx of new website hitting the net daily is staggering. We all know the stats of course and the trend continues. But allow me to move forward to the topic of this article. You have decided to try and make money on the web and you have a website online, so where is the money?

The game is different now, solely because you are not the only one out there trying to sell. Like you there are hundred if not thousands and maybe even millions all wanting the same thing, a piece of that proverbial pie. So how do you do it?

In my opinion there are two ways:
First - Have something no one else has.
Second - Become an expert in your field.
In either case you will need one more ingredient, the services of an internet marketing specialist.

Why An Internet Marketing Specialist?

Simply because you do not have the time or resources to do what an internet marketing specialist can do. Be real here, I can't fix my Benz, I can ticker with it, but it needs a real mechanic.

Some time ago we published a web page about just that subject. You can find it on our website. The page is titled Search Engine Optimization. The page goes on to explain that instead of the word Location, that marketing experts use, internet marketing specialists have changed to Position. Website positioning or website ranking is what its all about now and rightly so. In order for a website to make money it needs a strong position on the search engine's results page.

Search Engines are the television of the internet. These mega sites are the key to your success. Being ranked or positioned on the first page of their results pages is critical for your success, but as most business gurus know getting you there is costly. There is no way of getting around it. Just like you would pay a premium for an excellent location on the street, expect to pay an internet marketing expert to get you that coveted position.

Fact : Page One, Position Number One, sees a 34% click thru rate. If there are 100,000 searches per month it means 34,000 visits to your website per month for just that one search parameter. You can easily see the possibilities. The question is can you convert these visitors and make them buy?

Making Money On The Web Attract Inform Close

So we are back at square one. I believe that in order to be successful on the web you need to be both an information site and a retailer. You must know your product or service well. You must publish a lot of information about your products or services. You have to sound like an authority and at the same time be a sales person.

Attract your visitor by appearing on the results page of the search engine they queried, specificly Page One. Then offer them a nicely laid out website that is clean and clear. Good internet marketing companies / specialists usually offer Website Design and Web Development services.

Inform them, by having rich content on the subject they are searching for. Use details, pictures, graphics, and text that is easy to read and understand. Give them all the information they seek, including warranty, delivery and price. This is important don't be afraid to publish your price. There will always be someone else out there with a cheaper price but users will never find them, simply because the others cannot afford to pay for Internet Marketing services, therefore they will never be able to get ranked high enough, to attract visitors.

Close. Have the tools on the site that will make the users click through to your order page. Offer them options of how to pay. Offer them testimonials from other satisfied customers. And when they have finally sent off their order, thank them profusely, and follow up with confirmation e-mails, status reports of when you shipped their order. Show them you are dedicated to their happiness and piece of mind. It is called Customer Service right? Visitors have trust issues. See our article on SEO And Visitor Trust.

Fact : You have 7 seconds from the time a visitors first clicks on your link in the SERPs to sell them. This means that your page has got to answer the 3 most important questions they have.

  1.   Are they on the right page?
  2.   How much does it cost?
  3.   How do they buy it?

If you fail to do that you failed your visitor.


There is no doubt that the internet has become an awesome source of revenue for any business, new or old. The key to Making Money On The Web is how the website is created, planned and marketed. Information is vital, critical, so become an expert. Then learn the art of selling on the web or find an expert. There is no easy fix. It takes serious money to make serious money.

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