Launching Your New Website

Today with billions of web pages online you need a plan before you think of launching your new website. Here are some things to consider

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Article: Launching Your New Website
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Great your website is built and its online. You are really excited! Any day now you'll be rich. You can't help thinking "Show Me The Momey"!

Some Free Information

If only it were that simple. Then we'd all be millionaires right? Hold on a minute, that is exactly what happened. The internet boomed and then subsequently went bust. Then it came back. The new buzz words were Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Page Ranking, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Web Positioning. What does it all mean? The translation is, bringing visitors to your website. But how? Do I have to advertise? How will people find me?

The Checklist

1. Ensure you have Google Analytics added to your site to see your organic traffic (where people are coming to your site from) and conversion rates (which of these people buy from you)

2. Ensure you have a Google Webmaster Tools account as well and list your site. Make sure you link this with your Google Analytics account. It will provide you with very important information.

3. Use Google's Keyword Planner to understand existing search volumes and patterns (what keywords people search with and how many other sites rank highly for those keywords)

4. Make a list of the strategic keywords for your business including the problem, opportunity or challenges your customers might be searching for but with minimal generic search terms (i.e. find the keywords with less competition but which are still relevant to what you're selling)

5. Update the title, descriptions and metadata on all your web pages, images and links so that they use the same keywords and descriptions that people would search for

6. Create structured content 250 - 800 words. Use only one H1 header tag a couple of H2 header tags and a few H3 header tags make sure your H1 tag contains your primary keyword phrase.

7. Use bullet points to summarize content and bold text to draw attention to important items

8. Write content like you speak. Do not write for academics.

9. Add a site map because this will help the search robot (the tool the search engines use to index your site) to easily find and make sense of all the content on your site

10. Use a robots.txt file to block robots from accessing certain parts of your site. Usually the websites back office.


Finally find a partner. A good SEO partner will help you with all the above and more, because there is a lot more to be done. These are just the basic fundamentals.

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