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Position Front Page has been managing SEM campaigns for its clients for several years now.

It has found that SEM marketing works best with Google.

For that reason we will use Google as our primary supplier for ad space. This Search Engine Marketing package can be purchased from us a stand alone package. Below you will find all the details regarding our services and their costs.

Campaign Creation

Search giant Google has many options when it comes to advertising on their website. Text ads, Banner ads and Video ads are the norm. Our SEM professionals have already worked an ideal starter budget that will include either text ad or banner ads or a combination of both. Video ads although excellent are simply too costly to begin a new SEM campaign with.

Ad Creation:

Our first group of SEM professionals will focus on banner creation and will design in the sizes which are ideally suited for the Google Display Network. Design elements like photos used and graphics created to enhance the banner ads are important to relying the right message.

Another set of SEM professionals will come up with the perfect keywords or keyword phrases that are required, then create the right content for all the text ads.


Our SEM professionals will not let PPC clicks just go to waste. A very interesting new tool allows us to re-target visitors who have already visited your website through either paid search or organic search. Whenever they are surfing the net or participating in social networks our Re-Marketing tool will present them with your ads once again. This is called Re-Marketing or Re- Targeting, and is a very effective tool.

In our experience Re-Marketing with banner ads is much more effective than Re-Marketing with Text ads. For that reason we develop 2 sets of banner ads.

Landing Pages

Perhaps the most over looked area of any SEM campaign is the landing page or sell page. Many clients are under the impression that pointing an ad or banner to their homepage is enough. That in our opinion is ok but not penultimate.

The most effective way to maximizing conversions is to create self sustained micro or mini sites, which will include a landing page and the supporting pages to finalize the conversion. We will design and build, populate and install these landing pages on the client's website for the client.

Budget Management

Our SEM professional will divide the pre-determined daily budget into two main categories.

Traffic Generation:

The idea behind this is to simply try to get as many visitors to the website as possible. About 90% will bounce out but the remainder will actually visit your website and our trackers will track them carefully.


This is where the real success of our package comes from. From the traffic above we are able to Re-Target those visitors who actually saw several pages of your website but for some reason did not commit at that time. These are potential clients. The next time they click on any of our ads they will become your customer.


SEM professionals will create and initiate all campaigns on Google. They will make sure that all tracking is working correctly, and will also monitor the campaigns daily ensuring budgets are met and campaigns are performing properly.

Finally they will ensure that our client receives all the data pertaining to the campaign(s) in clear report fashion. Amount spent should never exceed the daily budget alloted and the Returns should be clearly visable.

As you may have already guessed data collection is extremely important. Historically we have seen some very impressive numbers from campaigns that mix text and banner ads to generate traffic to a website or landing page then using re-marketing to seal the deal.

Costs & Information

The costs outlined below are for all the activities mentioned above, from Campaign creation, Re-Marketing, Creating Landing pages, Managing the budget to Compiling all the reports. This SEM budget has three costs.
  1. Requires a budget for the pay per click spend.
  2. It has a fixed set up cost.
  3. A monthly management fee.
If you would like more information including the cost and budget suggested for our search engine marketing package please click here.


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