Internet Marketing Package

Position Front Page has designed a comprehensive Internet Marketing Package for large websites or online e-commerce websites that demand higher conversion rates.

For the duration of the contract, Position Front Page, in addition to our normal scope of work listed below, will act as your internet marketing team. Think of us as an extention of your marketing department. We are there to guide and direct your website so that it maximizes every possible visit. Our goals are measured by your conversions and your ROI.

Scope Of Work

Website Audit:

It all starts with a comprehensive analysis of your present website. This is known as a website Audit. Position Front Page will review items like, layout, colors, content, speed, robot friendly, user friendly, mobile usability, navigation, internal link structure, external link structure, and many other items.

We will also benchmark your website's present position and determine who your primary competitors are. Then we will set some goals and targets.

Finally we will prepare a report and submit our findings.

Layout & Design

Depending on the finding of the website audit a determination will be made as to whether or not the website needs to be recoded or redesigned. In some cases, with really big websites that have Content Management Systems in place and have thousands of pages, recoding and redesigning are out of the question. Instead we will find ways to make the website feel more user friendly.

In the case of smaller websites it highly recommended to do this part first before attempting to do anything else. Remember that website design and web development are essential Digital Marketing components. We always advise our clients to "Begin With A Solid Foundation".

SEO Services:

More than likey, but it will be determined by the website audit, the website in question will need the full services of our Advanced SEO Package. Again here benchmarks will be collected and used to create goals and reports will follow detailing our findings and plan of action.

SEM Services:

This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to generate traffic to a website. With our internet marketing package and after the website audit, we will be able to suggest an effective Search Engine Marketing budget. Now as you already know Search Engine Marketing is about buying ad space on major search engines' results pages or buying advertising on portal pages and directories. By doing so this money spent will drive traffic to a website. That is why the budget is extremely important. But in some cases the budget set by our Search Engine Marketing Package is a great way to start an SEM campaign.

SMO Services:

Adding social media optimization into your internet marketing package is very important. Our social media package has the ability to create or enhance your brand's awareness. And as we all know when we have brand awareness we also have customer trust and loyalty. This helps generate sales. It is a fact and it is extremely important for any client who is interested in using their website to generate leads or sales.

Analytics, Reports & Planning:

Website analytics and reporting is the strength of this internet marketing package. We collect data from various sources, we analyze it and then report it to our clients monthly.

Meetings are setup for the first week in the month. During the meetings the stats will "come to life" and we will be able to see trends and plan promotions and campaigns.

Planning in advance is crucial. Successful internet marketing campaigns require time to build so it is imperative to plan way ahead.

Cost & Information

There are far too many factors at play and therefore it becomes impossible to fix a price for this package. This internet marketing package needs to start with a Website Audit.

After the audit should the client wish to continue with services from Position Front Page we will subtract the cost of the audit from the negotiated package price.

For more information or to request a website audit please contact us.


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