Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO, is the process of improving the volume of organic visitor traffic to a website sent from search engines. A must for every website online today.

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Search Engine Optimization

In the retail world, to become a profitable business, three things are required, location, location and location. This holds true for online business and e-commerce. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

Retail Shoppers vs Internet Buyers
There is a difference between the retail shopper and the internet buyer. The difference is, one will buy on impulse the other will buy eventually. Impulse buyers buy when they see something they like, often shopping for hours until something strikes them. Internet buyers will search for hours for what they want, compare products side by side search for prices, check warranties. And finally buy without thought believing that they did enough research, and trusting the website they are about to send their personal information and money to.

Fact - In 2011 online retail sales¹ in the US alone hit $1.615 Trillion dollars. That's more than $440 million dollars per day.


The first rule of search engine optimization is to understand your website’s potential. Questions like:
  •  Can I sell this product online?
  •  What words will users type when searching for a product I sell?
  •  Do I want to sell online?
  •  Or do I just want to be an authority and collect leads?

Whatever the case you’ll eventually require the expertise of an Internet Marketing firm. That is when the money really starts getting spent and made. To begin with you'll need to optimize the website for organic search. High rankings or good web positioning in organic search takes time to develop, but you need to do it right from the start.


Web positioning is the "location" on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) where your website appears when a user queries a search engine’s database. The words or phrase they type are referred to as keywords or a keyword phrase. As to where you need to be positioned to maximize your potential for sales or leads, the answer is very simple Page One, Number One!

Fact - 34 % of all clicks go to the first listing on the first page.

SO WHAT IS SEO How Does It Work?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing and optimizing a website so that it meets the criteria of the search engines algorithm, thus improving the volume and quality of traffic to the website. This traffic will come from search queries conducted by searchers. This is commonly referred to as Organic SEO. The higher or better your website is positioned, the more searchers will visit.

As a marketing concept, SEO ensures the website has content relevant to its subject matter, and to find the appropriate search terms that will in turn generate the highest and best traffic.

Search Engine Optimization considers areas like, the website’s code, navigation structure, written copy, and selected keywords. SEO services should also fix problems that could prevent search engines' indexing programs from fully crawling or indexing a website.

A small problem that arises is that not all search engines have the same criteria. So, in fact you will need to optimize your site very carefully to meet the relevant search engine’s criteria. Everyone knows that Google is king but what too many don't know is that there are far better conversion numbers coming from search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

As if all that was not enough bring on Page Ranking. Page ranking plays a crucial role in determining the value of your web page. The higher the value the higher your website will appear on the SERPs' page. Search Engines use very complicated algorithms to determine PageRank ® (trade mark belongs to Google). To some degree, it is the process of weighing link relevancy and measuring link value between inbound links and outbound links. After that it really starts to get complicated. It is rumored that there are over 200 criteria associated with PageRank ®.

And let's not forget that Search Engines love to roll out algorithm updates. This is due to mainly to spanners who want their websites on page one. Every algorithm update is designed to enhance search results and to weed out undesirable one. Staying on top of all the changes is a job in itself.

Fact - Google made 339 algorithm updates in 2011, that's almost one each day. How many do you know about?

As you can plainly see Search Engine Optimization encompasses many things and can get too complicated for the average website owner. That is why SEO services companies, like ours are around. We have spent years looking at all the data. We follow all the trends and we stay informed. We catch those algorithm updates before they have a negative effect on your website.

Not one SEO company has an "in" with a search engine and those that claim that they can get you indexed in 48 hours or less, can , but beware, where in the index will you end up is a question left unanswered. While professional SEO companies like ours will do it the right way and guarantee results. There are far too many variables involved to be an overnight wonder. Instead we provide SEO services to companies and give them credibility. Search Engines like that. They hate spammers and they hate link mongrels.

SUMMARY Get A Good Team Behind You

Search engine optimization is an art form. You need a little of this and a little of that plus a dab of this and pinch of that. Balancing good rankings with good web positioning. It is very time consuming and takes a great deal of time to get ranked high enough to start seeing the high traffic numbers. Position Front Page is an authority in search engine optimization. You can count on us because "putting you UpFront" is our business.

Position Front Page has put together a perfect search engine optimization package to suit almost every website. For more information click first steps basic seo services package

Retail E-Commerce (Non-Travel) Sales
Excludes Auctions, Autos and Large Corporate Purchases
Total U.S. - Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore, Inc.

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