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Internet Marketing Package

This is a comprehensive Internet Marketing Package, designed for large websites or online e-commerce websites that demand higher conversion rates.

For the duration of the contract, Position Front Page, in addition to our normal scope of work listed below, will act as your internet marketing team. Think of us as an extention of your marketing department. We are there to guide and direct your website so that it maximizes every possible conversion. Our goals are measured by your ROI.

SCOPE OF WORK Services Provided

•  Stats, Analytics & Reports :
Online or Internet marketing also involves the collection of data or stats of clients’ behavior once they arrive on a website. Stats are accumulated and analyzed. This provides our experts with the knowledge on user behavior which they can translate into what works and what does not work.

We use collected information to get the most out of a visitor’s visit and to give the most to the visitor’s visit. Analysis of this collected information (mainly stats) allows us to see flaws in the website and helps us make corrections. We will summarize all of our finding and report them to our client on a monthly basis at our monthly meeting.

•  Email Marketing :
Client’s eNewsletter an extremely effective way to draw attention to the client’s website is by having your very own monthly and event eNewsletter. Position Front Page manages the email marketing campaigns of three major hotel chains in Thailand and has been doing so very successfully for almost 4 years now.

Your email marketing campaign will go out to your subscribers or to a list that we can purchase for you. This eBlast concept will be designed by our Email Marketing team and approved by you. Our plan involves blasting the newsletter to addresses collected from your website or a purchased database. Email marketing done correctly really works. Our experience doing targeted email marketing results in a 6-9% conversion ratio.

This proposal covers all the costs associated with creating the concept, designing and coding the monthly newsletter, sending the newsletter, creating landing pages if required and tracking and reporting the results.

•  Online Press Releases :
Our content editors will write and optimize six (6) major press releases, one per month and then send them to major online PR firms for publication. Important newsworthy press releases are sometimes picked up by some of the biggest online news websites like,, CNBC news, Google News, Yahoo News, CBS News, plus many more. These online press releases have a way of generating much sought after new traffic to a website. They also serve as a perfect tool to get Search Engines interested in your website.

Most press releases, more often than not, get syndicated which means information websites and article feeds pick up these stories and include them in their content. This causes a chain reaction because these feeds are then broadcast and many article dispensaries re-publish them. The end result from one very good PR announcement can lead to numerous one way in bound links to your website.

Finally Position Front Page can also act as your press contact for all on and off line news agencies.

Our proposal effectively will cover all the costs associated with preparing, optimizing and launching these press releases during the term of this contract. We also monitor and report their performance.

•  Multi Media – Online Video :
Position Front Page will create a video page for the client. Video pages broadcast streaming video from video feeds. This page adds a new level of user interactivity with your website and is an excellent way to keep them coming back. Some clients have used this kind of page to offer how to guides to the visitors or instructional videos. It can even be used as a marketing tool to display video commercials and client testimonials.

Our proposals for this service effectively covers all the costs associated with building and programming the video page and creating the required video streaming account. Production of these videos or the creation of the video concept is not included in the scope of this proposal but can be purchased separately.

•  Video Press Releases :
Position Front Page always strives to stay ahead of their competition. Recently we incorporated a very new and very powerful form of online marketing. "Video Press Releases" are now all that and more in the USA and we are the first in Asia to offer that service to our clients. A properly prepared video press release can attract a slew of visitors to a website and aid it in its rankings efforts.

Video press releases are similar to Text press releases with the exception that Video is used. The entire process is done by our qualified team of experts, from concept, production to distribution. All that we need to get this going is to consult with the client and determine what news is worthy.

Determine and create the campaign. Write the text press release. Write the video script. Create the storyboard. Shoot the video with our reporter in our studio. Digitally master the video and customize it with logo, images.

We’ll optimize the title and video description then send it for distribution with the internet's largest Video Press Release agency and then upload it to the clients YouTube Channel as well as connect it to your Face Book account and embed it into the clients website on the video page.

As an added bonus we'll use the text version of the video press release and include it with the video press release. The whole process takes up to two weeks and we are pleased to include one such Video Press Release in this proposal.

•  Article Writing - Not Blogging :
Position Front Page's position on this internet marketing concept is somewhat different from its competitors. There is no way Position Front Page can write 10-20 articles a month and distribute them. Plus it is clear that Search Engines are very interested in the natural creation of content and links. Thus adding 20 articles monthly would certainly send up flags.

Ideally 1-2 articles a month that are addressing product concerns or are disguised testimonials would be a much better approach. And in lieu of distribution sites Position Front Page would offer them up on the client's own website with a RSS feed.

This article creation and distribution system makes more sense and offers greater appeal to both search engines and visitors. This article system also adds some user interactivity by allowing users to rate the article's usefulness. The RSS feed will keep them informed on the happens of your website or company.

Create the concept and purpose of the article dispensary. Bild the rating system. Write 2 articles per month for the duration of the contact and program the RSS feed to broadcast when new content is added.

Additional Details

Contract Duration : 6 Months
Cancelation Clause : After 3 months with one month notice. (deposit non refundable)
Support Service : Inquiries by email or telephone and personal visits / meetings.
Client Intervention : Very little is required.

*Special Notes
Included in this proposal
6 paid press releases
1 paid video press release
12 articles and article dispensary system with rating program
6 eBlasts or newsletters
4 hours per month allocated to meetings and consultations

**Not Included:
Mass email marketing lists. These can be purchased seperately if required.

***Package Information
This internet package can be tailored to the client's needs or budget. Any of the listed services can be removed or altered.


Position Front Page must have access to the website's coding structure. Position Front Page should also be permitted access to the server or hosting package Admiistration section.

Each request for this internet marketing package will be reviewed by the company's Managing Director. Position Front Page reserves the right not to provide a quote for this internet marketing package to websites it deems inappropriate.

Pricing and Information

For more information or pricing on this internet marketing package please click here.

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