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Client Portfolio

Position Front Page International Co., Ltd. has had the pleasure of working with and for an elite group of clients over the years it has been in service. Below you'll find a list of these clients and their testimonials. This list is as complete as we can make it. Confidentiality agreements currently in place prevent us from publishing our entire portfolio.

Serviced Offices and more - Regus Thailand
Regus Thailand

Their SEO stradegy combined with great content creation has helped improve our organic conversion ratio. We are extremely pleased with their service.

Khun Poom
Commercial Marketing Manager

Marriott Sathorn Vista, Internet Marketing Testimonial
Marriott Sathorn Vista

Their relentless spirit to obtain results is what encourages us. The entire team works so hard on our campaigns and offers us the best marketing advise. Well done guys!

Gertz Bauer
General Manager

Marriott Sukhumvit Park, Internet Marketing Testimonial
Marriott Sukhumvit Park

We had heard so much about Position Front Page that we decided to give them a try. They designed an internet marketing campaign to get us a wider market share. We were not disappointed.

David Lance
General Manager

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit client testimonial Email Marketing
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Position Front Page’s email marketing prowess is second to none. They helped us design our monthly newsletters and provided us with insight on how to get the best results.

Their internet marketing team was both qualified and very knowledgeable, while consulting on our campaigns.

Khun Beau
Assistant Marketing Manager
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Oriental Escapes, Customer Testimonial
Oriental-Escapes.com Co., Ltd.

Every now and then we come accross a company that will go out of their way for a client. Position Front Page is that company.

Faced with overwelming odds and a time frame like no other the staff at PFP came through. Not only did they deliver a quality product but surprisingly 2 days ahead of schedule a well.

We were / are simply amazed. We highly reccommend them to anyone who wants a professional job.

Mimi Grachangnetara
Managing Director
Oriental-Escapes.com Co., Ltd.

Biotrix Asia Company Ltd, Customer service Testimonial
Biotrix Asia Company Ltd

On the very first try Position Front Page’s design team got us the look we wanted. Fresh, new, exciting, and innovative are all words that can be associated with our website and Position Front Page.

Not only did they satisfy our requirements but they delivered our new website ontime. Great job guys!

Dr. Steven
Managing Director

Boutique hotel Chiang Mai Bodhi Serene, Customer Testimonial
Bodhi Serene Hotel

The newest hotel in the Serene Hotel Group opened its doors in 2008 and Position Front Page was given the task of building and optimizing the website

The website features a spectacular photo gallery and an online reservation system. Now fully optimized and carring a PR 3 the website sees nearly 5000 visitors a month. Great work!

Khun Supanit
Managing Director

Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai, Hotel Chiang Mai, Bodhi Serene
Rankings: From position 1 to position 10 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Belgiam Beverage Asia, Customer Testimonial
Belgiam Beverage Asia

Position Front Page built us a great new website. Designed our private label and programmed our customer database.

We are impressed with how skilled they are and how well they work and they are very customer friendly.

Khun Adam
Managing Director

Kukai Kindergarten, Customer service Testimonial
Kukai Kindergarten

As a small business owner in a very competitive field we needed to take advantage of every break we could get. One way was to put up our own website but with virtually no knowledge in that area we needed expert help.

With a little internet research we came up with the guys at Position Front Page. Their website design Thailand team created for us an awesome Bi-lingual website. Then, their search engine optimization Thailand team put us on the front page of the most popular search engines. They not only lived up to our expectations but they surpassed them! Keep up the good work guys!

Kru Gai

Kukai Kindergarten, Thai Kindergarten, English Phonics Program, English Kindergarten program in Thailand
Rankings: From position 1 to position 27 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Amadeus Thailand - Travel Industry's technology partner
Amadeus Thailand

Position Front Page, our partner in Asia, has helped several of our OTAs get results with great web design and a comprehensive online marketing plan. They are a very professional and enthusiastic group of people who know online business well.

Juan M. Agudo
Global Product Manager

Bali Jiwa Villa - Villa Rentals In Ubud Bali Indonesia
Blai Jiwa Villa

A great new website design followed with a crafty SEM plan yielded instant results for us. We are extremely pleased with their service and ideas to make our property better.

Barbara and Nicolas

GluayGluay.com - client testimonial SEM and SEO Services

GluayGluay hired Position Front Page to help them manage their SEO and SEM. "Results have been better than expected"

"We expect great things from them and thus far we are not disappointed."

Roy Siew
Marketing Manager

The Grande Club - client testimonial Website Design and Development
The Grande Club

A beautifully designed website exactly to our specifications. Delivered on-time.

Great work!

Douglas Ozanne
Grande Club Director

Kr Gold Studio - client testimonial Website Design and Development
KR Golf Studio

What can be said about Position Front Page that has not yet been said.

Their service and commitment to their trade is very impressive. In just 5 days they accomplished what others would do in 3 months. And with far better results. Thanks guys!

Khun Karl Russell
Managing Director

PPI Advisory - client testimonial Website Design and Development
PPI Advisory

This team of dedicated professionals expertly re-designed our website. No fuss, no hassels and delivered it on time. That is exactly what a professional service company should do.

Thanks guys!

Khun Eric
Managing Director

Haadlad, Customer service Testimonial
Haadlad Prestige Resort

Position Front Page did an excellent work to our website.

They designed our website, put it online and position us to the most popular search engines and kicking all perpetrators trying to copy our name.

Thank you so much, I'm so impressed.

Khun Kampi
Managing Director


haadlad prestige resort, koh phangan, salad beach, thailand, beachfront hotel koh phangan, beachfront resort koh phangan
Rankings: From position 1 to position 10 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Boutique hotel in Bangkok Silom Serene, Customer Testimonial
Silom Serene Hotel

A boutique hotel located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Being the largest hotel in the Serene Hotel Group this boutique hotel required the most attention. Needless to say competition in the hotel industry in Bangkok is high.

Again Position Front Page was given the task of raising numbers to this website. And they delivered! A strong PR was reached in just a few months and visitor traffic to the website doubled. Not least conversions and leads mulitiplied 3 fold. Fantastic work guys!

Khun Monkorn
Marketing Manager

Boutique Hotel Bangkok, Boutique Hotel Thailand, Silom Serene, Silom Hotel
Rankings: From position 1 to position 10 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Indigo Consulting Group, Customer service Testimonial
Indigo Consulting Group

We were looking for a fresh new look for our website. Position Front Page came very highly recommended.

In four short weeks they designed a new look then put us on the front page of the most popular search engines, even out ranking our all or competition. We are impressed.

Khun David
Managing Director

human resource consultants Thailand, human resource consulting Thailand, human resource management Thailand, manage human resources
Rankings: From position 1 to position 30 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

The Royal Oak, Logo Design, Website design and development Testimonial
The Royal Oak

They designed our logo then our website. They gave us much more than we expected. Fantastic service. We highly recommend their service.

Khun Robert
General Manager

LG Thailand, content translation and SEO
LG Thailand

In a joint project with Sekari FZE, Dubai UAE, Position Front Page was responsible for delivering 54 product pages all translated and SEO'd in the Thai language.

The challenge lay in meeting or exceeding the quality demands of LG and delivering the project in just 8 days. Position Front Page rose to the challenge and delivered without wavering and exceeding any and all expectations. This is how professionals work.

Lee Mancini
LG Project Manager, Sekari FZE

Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Customer service Testimonial
Westin Grande Sukhumvit

We hired Position Front Page to solve our email marketing woes and they did not disappoint.

Click thru rates skyrocketed and conversions mutiplied by almost 400%. Thanks Guys!

Khun Amy
Online Marketing Manager

Slimina, Website design and development Testimonial
Slimina Weight Loss

Perhaps the best choice available anywhere in the world, Position Front Page, for website design and development!. They delivered a turn key e-commerce website in less than 30 days and it started making money right away.

Name With Held

Qrops Direct, Customer service Testimonial
Qrops Direct

We needed the right Internet Marketing plan, so we did our homework. Position Front Page came very highly recommended.

They designed our website, positioned us, and came up with a brilliant internet marketing plan. We are indeed impressed!
Managing Director
Qrops Direct

Baan Bayan Beach Hotel, Customer service Testimonial
Baan Bayan Beach Hotel

During high season the hotel operates at a 98% capacity, but during low season, well that is another story.Position Front Page had a solution to our situation.

They redesigned our website, came up with new Keywords and put us on the first page on all the major search engines. Traffic to the site rose 500% and soon after so did the online bookings especially during low season. Thanks Guys!

Khun Puranee
Managing Director

beach hotel Hua Hin, beach front hotel Hua Hin, boutique hotel Hua Hin, boutique beach hotel Hua Hin
Rankings: From position 1 to position 10 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Global Investments International, Customer Testimonial
Global Investments International

Let me put it this way. These guys are good. We got a 21st century look and an online client database that is lighting fast from their web development team.

SEO, enough said they know exactly what they are doing

Our current project is the brain child of their Internet Marketing Team. We are really excited about seeing that one in action. Keep up the good work!

Khun Neil
Executive Director

financial consulting Thailand, investment advisors Thailand, offshore banking, offshore bank accounts
Rankings: From position 1 to position 20 Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more!

Global Health Online, Customer service Testimonial
Global Health Online

Position Front Page was hired to brand and design our new product line. After building us a new professional looking website they set up our internet marketing campaign, including organic SEO and PPC.

We have seen steadily increasing results.

Khun Richard
General Manager

Bangkok Best Dining - client testimonial Website design and development
Bangkok Best Dining

We entered into a partnership with the best online marketing firm in Thailand. Our goal to take the leading restaurant guide in Thailand and put it online.

PFP has exceeded all our expectations. They are the single most professional firm in their expertise.

Khun Arun Chopra
Managing Director

Zaks Wine Pub, Client Testimonial
Zaks Wine Pub

Website design, Logo design, Branding, Signage and more. Position Front Page did it all for us. We wanted an image that would stand out in this highly competitive field and they did not disappoint us. Their service and quality of work is second to none. PFP is a company you can count on and trust

Robert Pincock

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